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Got enough acronyms for ya? ;-)

So Friday, July 18th, at Virginia International Raceway is the Grassroots Motorsports "Ultimate Track Car Challenge" for 2014. I have never been to VIR, and this year the guys from Innovative Tuning in Buffalo (who tuned my FiST recently) are bringing their "Voltron" Subaru Impreza to the UTCC. Seems like a good excuse for a road trip!

I am planning to drive down to VIR on Thursday, 7/17, and camp at the track ($35 per night). Part of the weekend's events will be a "Hyperdrive" mini-HPDE put on by NASA on Saturday morning. For $50 you get 20 minutes on track with an instructor. If you want to spend more money, there's a full-on HPDE later in the weekend. Right now my plan is to leave VIR after the Hyperdrive on Saturday and catch the Steel Cities autocross at PittRace near Pittsburgh on Sunday to make a full weekend of it.

Anybody else interested in getting together for at least part of the weekend's festivities? Full info on the UTCC is here:
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