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Hatch Underfloor Organizer

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Did a quick search and didn't see anything posted before (maybe I missed it) so thought I would post this.

Since I prefer to leave the hatch floor in the upper position I have been looking for some sort of container to put in the underfloor area. I hate stuff sliding and bouncing around during 'spirited' driving so needed something to hold all the crap I usually leave in the car.

Saw this at Target today and picked one up, fits pretty well. The dividers are just cardboard so you can move them around as you want. Not an elegant solution but cheap and it stops stuff from rolling around.

Sorry for the crappy camera phone pics.

This is what I bought, don't see it on the Target website so I don't have a link:

This is how it fits, floor sits flat as normal in the upper position. The spare tire is still installed:

I really wish Ford made a proper plastic tray that would fit with the spare tire installed. If there is such a thing, let me know!
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Is this the one you guys are using:

Mine fits well and doesn't move around but yours do look nicer.
Actually that one is too tall.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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