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Headlamp bumper fitment gap question

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Is there supposed to be a gap under the headlamps. Where the bumper meets the headlamp case/surrounding?

Had my car in the shop recently.. and i could swear there wasnt a gap there before.. they had taken the bumper off and when put back on it looks as if it doesn't fit right .

Is anyones like that from the factory? Or should it be snug. The gap is probably a half inch to an inch under both housings.
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Did you ever find out and get your headlight gap fixed? I have the same headlight gap. You mentioned a broken headlight tab, but im finding it hard to find what it is ur referring to. Would you have a picture? Ive booked in with ford under warranty, if its a headlight replacement then thatd be ideal, as if its a bumper replacement, id have to try get them to supply the new one with no intercooler grille at all as im not paying a panel and paint shop again to remove it, plus i would have to try get ford to add paint protection as i paid for that also and its really usefull
Your splitter could be, but seems like out bumpers are known to sag, id rather a xip tie etc fix over a replacement bumper from germany....
I have the exact same gap and it's been driving me nuts. It's around both headlights, and where the hood meets the top of the bumper. I took my car in to the dealership to have warranty work done on the hood latch that seized up. I don't remember having this gap before taking it in. I hope that it's not the same case where there is a broken tab. Hopefully it can just be readjusted.

I was also thinking that my splitter could be pulling the bumper down causing it to have a gap? Would that be possible? I've seen multiple cars online which all have this gap we are referring to, but most don't. Im puzzled.
Ok got my car back from ford. They took off and reinstalled my bumper. And it still sits the same. It is most likely a headlight made 2mm out but they said that car manufactuars are allowed certain amounts in mm for gaps etc like this in variations. So just gotta live with it
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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