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Headlamp bumper fitment gap question

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Is there supposed to be a gap under the headlamps. Where the bumper meets the headlamp case/surrounding?

Had my car in the shop recently.. and i could swear there wasnt a gap there before.. they had taken the bumper off and when put back on it looks as if it doesn't fit right .

Is anyones like that from the factory? Or should it be snug. The gap is probably a half inch to an inch under both housings.
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I have the exact same gap and it's been driving me nuts. It's around both headlights, and where the hood meets the top of the bumper. I took my car in to the dealership to have warranty work done on the hood latch that seized up. I don't remember having this gap before taking it in. I hope that it's not the same case where there is a broken tab. Hopefully it can just be readjusted.

I was also thinking that my splitter could be pulling the bumper down causing it to have a gap? Would that be possible? I've seen multiple cars online which all have this gap we are referring to, but most don't. Im puzzled.
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