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Headlamp bumper fitment gap question

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Is there supposed to be a gap under the headlamps. Where the bumper meets the headlamp case/surrounding?

Had my car in the shop recently.. and i could swear there wasnt a gap there before.. they had taken the bumper off and when put back on it looks as if it doesn't fit right .

Is anyones like that from the factory? Or should it be snug. The gap is probably a half inch to an inch under both housings.
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Nobody? Omw to pickup car. Would be helpful to know if the gap is normal
Yeah... in here looking over the car now.. i looked thru my photos.. no gap.. and verified with the dealer i sercice at.. should be no gap to see.thru at all.. looks like they broke one of the tabs where the bumper attaches above the headlight assembly so the bumper is drooping.
Waiting on them to come back now.. be interesting to see how they resolve it..
Long drive to come out and point out a broken tab myself.. picked a shop 1.5 hr drive away because they do all these fancy show cars... thought my car would be in better hands. Bummer because other than this hiccup service has been great so far.
Well they're either going to replace the entire headlight or repair the tab. Have to come back again next week
Sorry I never replied, I don't frequent the forums like I used to. Busy life.

I never had the fitment issue resolved, had the bumper taken off and put back on, and was told that's just how it sits.

Also been just living with it. It bothered me a lot for a while, disappointing, but I just stopped caring eventually.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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