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Heater not working?

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This morning it's -20 here in southern ontario my wife was going to work and the heater system would not turn on at all?
Anybody have this happen to them?
Can't drive the car due to the windshield fogging up and freezing

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Check this thread out if you have not yet :) Heater Malfunction
Here are mine.. Car was built in 09/13 if that matters

All Three vents have the grills
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So your car had NONE before this? I mean the foam vent shrouds
FWIW, I just checked my car and the grill is wide open to everything. I can even look into the grill with the hood closed. Luckily, snow weather around here, even in the mountains, is sparse so I don't have much worry about. For reference, my build date is 9/2013.
Any chance of Pic's ??
Weird how even on that site some have and some don't !!
Weird ...
Seriously ?? man I would go to the dealer and (pardon my french) Bitch a Blue streak and get new pads and maybe a quick turn on the rotors.. I know new rotors rust fast but thats just sad...
I talked to my Ford dealer and apparently the new 14-0021 TSB replacing the existing pollen filter and replaces it with a new one. We'll see if this fixes the problem, cars going next Wednesday.
hope it is a heated hepa pollen filter to take out that sassy snow and Ice fleas ... ;)
1 - 8 of 57 Posts
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