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Heater not working?

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This morning it's -20 here in southern ontario my wife was going to work and the heater system would not turn on at all?
Anybody have this happen to them?
Can't drive the car due to the windshield fogging up and freezing

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I had this happen to me this morning. At least it was only -5 degrees F. today! It would have been worse yesterday (-14F). I only discovered my blower wasn't working till I was a few miles from home. Man, that was a chilly 20 mile ride to work even with seat warmers on, I'm telling you. After I got feeling back in my hands and feet, I had a service writer bring my car into the shop and got it thawed out. The fuse wasn't blown, the tech thought the blower wheel was just frozen in the housing. I ordered the parts but they are both on a bad back order status. The retainers in the TSB are the same part number as the stock parts, so as long as they don't break they should be fine. I haven't seen them but I would think another retainer could be used in a pinch.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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