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Just joined forum.. In discussions with 2 ford dealers to get a ST.. Have to wait till next year though.

Bought a fiesta metal 12 months ago, love it, but test drove new ST, and I had to have one..

I am also a sydneyier!! Been looking at a few different performance mods for it, so i know what to get and when.

Hi tech mufflers do a good job? They the ones in the city?

Love the look of your car.. I am choosing between the white and the black..

But do a similar thing with the wheels with mine, either painted, orrrr i know a company that has got a special coating that is nylon based, sounds strange, but really durable, and has a sort of memory. Got to done to one of my cars, looks great, easy to clean..

Got one of my fiesta wheels repaired from a guy in botany, mag wheel repairer, brilliant job, fantastic guy, so may take new wheels to him.

Should talk if we both want similar stuff done to cars (mods) for better price maybe.. Been talking to puma speed a bit for my metal, they will look after me,

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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