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Hello from Los Angeles!

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What up guys my name is Ryan, I'm from the Santa Monica area out here in beautiful Southern California.

I just picked up a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. It has the recaro package, moonroof, painted rims and calipers and navigation. I was going to go with white but I just couldn't resist the Envy Green. The car is beautiful and I'm very impressed! Some of the cars I've had include a 2003 Subaru WRX, 2003 Evo VIII GSR, 2005 WRX STi, 2006 BMW e46 M3, 2008 Evo X, and the car I traded in was a 2013 Subaru BRZ. I pre ordered the BRZ. I really enjoyed the car but it was lacking low end torque which started to get to me. The BRZ and Fiesta ST are two very different cars but they are both fun in their own ways. My ST only has 35 miles so I haven't even had a chance to really drive her yet. I'm really impressed with this motor though. The seats are amazing and the chassis feel great, especially for a fwd car. I also love the color and styling. I can't wait to see what cobb comes out with for this beast. Here is a few pictures guys, cheers!


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Lol, Hey mufasis.

I see you went through with it! That was a lot quicker than I thought you'd move on that decision.

I talked to you over on the 86 forums about the 86 and the FiST (Morg).

Car looks fantastic, couldn't have picked a better color. (Obvious bias).

Congrats on the new ride !
I guess it's a bit late to answer your last few questions over on the other forum since you've already got the car haha.. I've been cramming for exams.. But..

-yes my car did come with the front plate bracket installed from the factory even though I ordered without. (I filled the order myself, so I'm 100% it was left off the order.)

- I guess you can see for yourself the difference in handling between the two now. :D

- I like the MFT a lot more than I expected to. I disliked it in previous vehicles that I've played with it in. I would generally order a car without stuff like that or Nav if given the choice. That said, it's been great for the most part. although I did just start having some issues with it the past two days. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I changed from an iphone to android (galaxy s4). I've been running into a few issues with poor voice control response, and freezing. Up until switching to the android, I had zero problems whatsoever with the iphone.
Other than that, it's awkward to reach some of the buttons on the screen. (I don't have the Nav so screen is smaller) and the positioning of some of the buttons near the edge of the screen are very narrow and difficult to push without hitting other buttons inadvertently.

- The Recaro's - - I hated them when I first sat in a Focus ST... And still when I sat in one again... But I went for a couple test-drives to make sure I didn't like them.... because I really wanted to order a Fiesta ST.... And the Recaro's aren't optional out here. You get em like it or not.

So I went for a couple drives, and I actually ended up really liking the seats.

I believe the Fiesta's seats are a bit different, but I have been super happy with them since day 1. Having spent some time in them now, I wouldn't have ordered the car without them if I had the choice. The harder you drive, the better they feel too. They really do a great job of holding me in my seat. I will say though, that at times getting out of them I feel like an upside down turtle. That bolstering.. lol

As for the interior... I didn't really need to get used to it as I've actually been pretty happy with the interior from the start. I know the common opinion on the other forum tends to be that the interior is cheap..... I found that strange honestly... As I've been very happy with it given the cost of the vehicle. Ironically, one of my problems with the FR-S was that I thought the interior seemed cheap.. lol

The only things I'd really change maybe would be the seat color, and seat material.. And a sunglasses holder... I would have preferred a charcoal/black leather solid color seat. Or "possibly" a green/black combo.... If it wasn't awful looking.

And... I haven't been able to get the rear cargo floor into the lower setting yet.. Some people have had success in moving the spare tire in deeper and being able to drop the floor lower... I haven't been able to. (I gave up after 2 tries.)

I've actually been using the extra space under there to stash things I want out of sight.

Anyway, I suspect you're going to have some fun with this car :) Welcome to the club.
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