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Hello from México!

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Hello everyone, I'm Eduardo from Querétaro, México.
I got my Molten Orange (Naranja encendido) FiST since September 2015.

Sad short story; A lady driving his 1990 Ford Explorer crashed my car, in the back left door...while the car was parked, the same day that I picked up from the dealer.
Here you can see some pictures;
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Alloy wheel

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Rim

It was fixed, and I love my car, I've never enjoyed a driving as I do now with the FiST.
Here is how it looks now;
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Alloy wheel
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Welcome from a part time Mexican I have a home in Zacapu, Michaocan
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yes, about 45 minutes to one hour drive from there.
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