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I have a 2008 Fiesta Z-tec. I have replaced the a boot lid with a second hand boot in good condition came with everything still bolted on. Wiper, wiper motor, panels, wire loom ect. All there and good condition.
Now with it all done the rear wiper won’t switch and work manually. With the switch “off” the rear wiper starts working when you drive. When you stop, the wiper stops. It does the same thing with rear wiper switch on or off and only started doing it after fitting the second hand rear boot lid?? Weird stuff!
Unless the loom is bad? Can’t work this one out?! Can hear relay clicking in sync with how the rear wiper should be working with switch ON. With switch OFF relay stops clicking. So from the front it seems all good. Somewhere in the boot that I replaced I think it’s causing this fault. I’m guessing a bad loom? Open circuit somewhere?
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