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Herro, another from MKE!

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Just picked up my fiST tonight... Awesomeness... What a fun little car

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Welcome! I was tempted to go see that one at Breager.. But ended up having to be cheap and get one with hardly any options at Boucher in Menomonee falls last month. Mine's also black, and it is growing on me. Only problem is keeping it clean!
I work at boucher ford in the falls, where I got mine
Oh nice, I had a good experience there. The salesman told me that an employee there got the only other one you had, must be you! Good to know a fellow fiesta ST owner is there. Are you one of the techs?
I remember your car being on the lot and then it was gone and I had thought that they might of dealer traded for something else:D
Yep that was me. Hopefully Y'all didn't flog it too hard before I got it, (had 50 miles on it) ;)
Fiat slayer, how does Boucher Ford feel about the accessport or any tune on the car? Have you done anything to yours yet? I'm tempted to get an AP. When I bought it one of the employees was talking about how I should get a tune. Just want to get a feel for how they are with mods.
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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