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As requested.
And revised

Fog lights can be turned on alone.
Fog lights can be turned on with low beams.
However when high beams are turned on fog lights are not.
This modification will allow the low beam and fog lights to work normally.
In addition the high beams will also turn on the fog lights.
This may not be legal in some states.

On either the right or left headlight connectors.
Connect the anode of a diode to the high beam wire at pin #4.
On the left side this wire is White.
On the right side this wire is Gray/Brown.
Connect the cathode of the diode to pin #1 of an added relay.

Just buy a Ford relay just like the current fog light relay.
You can use terminal connectors but it fits better if you just solder wires to the inside of the relay.
This way everything fits in the relay/fuse block next to the battery.
Remove the relay's plastic cover, it just pops off.
Connect wires to terminals #1, #2, #3, & #5.
If you connect to the inside of this relay you can drill a hole in the plastic top and run the wires out the top.
This will allow you to place the relay into an unused socket with no connections.
The relay will just sit there and the box cover will keep it from jumping out.

On the new relay, connect terminal #1 to the cathode of the diode added above.
Connect terminal #2 to #5 and connect these to ground.
Connect terminal #3 to terminal #2 of the car's fog light relay.

The new relay will energize when the high beams are turned on.
It in turn will energize the fog light relay.
The fog light switch will continue to function normally.

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Has anybody change the fog light bulbs and if so what was the easiest way to do it?
Easy, pull the headlight.
Remove the two torx screws and one panel fastener. To remove panel fastener try unscrewing the center till it is about 3/8" up or all the way out then lift the whole thing out. It may not unscrew and come up so you may have to lift up underneath the center portion with a flathead while unscrewing. The center expands the outer part under the two connected parts to hold them together.
Disconnect the headlamp wiring connector.
Pull up on the headlamp housing, it is clipped in on the bottom with a spring clip.
Look down and the fog is right in front of you.
Twist the bulb/socket to pull it out. I found disconnecting the fog connector first was easier, just push on the tab.
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