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High beam HID upgrade for fiesta st

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I have the Diode Dynamics HID conversion kit for Fiesta ST and was hoping someone could tell me what aftermarket clip they used to get the HID H1 bulb to fit in to the stock housing unit.
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Plus do you really want to be one of those guys that always get flashed by oncoming traffic pissed off that your lights are blinding them. Problem with any HID kit whether low beam or high beam is that it sprays light in all directions versus the stock halogen lamps. The stock headlight housings aren't designed for HID kits. I'm not more local law enforcement isn't cracking down on people that do there HID conversions, don't think there street legal at all. For example the last guy I remember flashing as he was coming towards me, he then flashed back and his high beams he switched to were lower in intensity then the HID low beam the guy installed.
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