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[Hopefully] Soon to be FiST Owner!

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Hey all, I've been lurking around on here for a while because I've been really considering getting myself into the Fiesta ST game. At the moment I have a 1999 Miata as my daily and a 2008 MazdaSpeed3 for my weekend/fun car. My Speed is fully built making right around 600whp. Unfortunately I never get to use all that power in my daily commute (duh) so I'm looking to make some changes.

Basically I'm looking for a White Platinum 2017 and still making up my mind about the Recaro seats. They aren't all that much more expensive but I hear you either love them, or hate them. I like how they're heated but an not enjoying the fact that a Recaro car is ~$1,500 more than it's non-Recaro brother. Locally there's both a white model w/ Recaros and also a white w/ a sunroof so I'll likely go for either one. Hopefully I'll have exciting news in the next week or so and some Fiesta photos for you all!

Anyway, check out the present cars...

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hatchback

And here's a nice bonus pic of me showing a GT3 RS why Mazda calls the car a MazdaSPEED:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Race track Performance car

Anywhoo I definitely am looking forward to getting into an ST. They seem really nice and a whole lot more livable than both my my present cars are.
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I've had mine for a month, and it's a fun car.
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