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How do you do or should I say hi!

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I live in England and found this great site by accident. I have just bought a new ST3 in Spirit Blue and love it. My son sells Porsche and I didn't think he would be particularly impressed by a mere Ford but he was so I have put him on the insurance. I belong to the UK Ford Owners Club and some of you may like to join to see what we in the UK think of Fords.
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Thanks all of you for the welcome. I should have just said Hi or Howdy then! In England I generally say Hi when I meet people but upper class folk (I am not one) generally say how do you do!!!!!! I would be interested to know roughly how many Fiesta ST owners there are in the states if anyone knows and I have been told you can buy a four door version - is that true? Thanks.
Thanks for that, they only sell a two door version here and some prospective buyers with a kid or two are put off by that!
Thanks Kap - as you say, the grass is always etc. Yes, the car is great and not overly expensive considering its specifications. The list price of mine in the UK is just over £20,000 but I got it for about £18,000. I am not sure of the dollar equivalent but I imagine we have to part with similar amounts!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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