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How long have you been waiting?

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What date did you order your Fiesta ST?
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Inquired at my dealership only around mid-July and put a deposit down that same week, so much less of a wait than most. Still antsy, however.
I had my order in March 1 2013 as soon as my sales guy took my call that morning it was the first day the order banks opened and we had a signed deal later that week when our work schedules allow but a voice handshake was all I need he is a great honest sales guy that understand with the internet I can know as much as he can tell me before I walk in the Dealership.. They Have had my money interest free since then too. I doubt I'll even get a HAT ;) lol I don't really mind waiting as I know this car will be fun and there are no real mods for it yet it just gives me more time to get my house in order when the mods do come.. Ok I blabbed enough but I'm really looking forward to this car.. I get my turbo Jellybean (or blueberry in my case)
UPDATE: Received My VIN TODAY Aug/16/2013 !! No Build Date yet but its Progress :D:rolleyes:;)
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Ordered mine June 28th, I put down a $500 deposit and got a stack of paperwork. Priority of 10 and AFAIK, the only retail order they have - so I should be first in line.

No VIN, build date, ETA right now, but I'm hoping I'll have it by early October at the latest.
Ordered mine from Walnut Creek Ford on March 13. Yesterday I got my VIN and was told it would be built the first week of September.
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July 24th I ordered.... No information at all yet
Original request was the end of July (second dealer).
Found dealer order that fit my needs/wants.

First correction to DORA accepted 7/30/13.
Deleted the moon roof and added the painted wheels.

Final corrections to DORA were accepted 7/24/13.
Changed the seats to Molten Orange.

Have VIN#, Build Date scheduled for 8/26/13.

Ordered 6 July. Haven't heard a word.
I ordered July 17 and still nothing. Still in order processing.
Interesting review with this lil gem towards the end of it
take note: the on sale date has not been set, but we were guaranteed it would be before September 21st.
Before it's News Review: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST
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Dealer Stock order: Built June 14th, Purchased July 26th, still Awaiting shipment as of Aug. 23rd.
Haven't ordered yet, but will later in the year. However, I've been waiting for this car since the first new generation Fiesta was announced. I was desperate for a Rally Sport version in '11. Better late than never, I suppose.
My ETA is earlier than that. And I don't see why Ford hasn't been delivering cars since late July so if I have to wait until the 21'st, I will be quite disappointed.
Funny story....... I was surfing the Miata Forums do to a google search and some folks on there had the stones to say the FiST was TOO small and hard to get out of... LMAO now this I find funny was we own a Miata that we use mostly for tracking and I don't drive it anymore as the FRS and our CoDriven (wife and I) Honda Fit is as much fun and much bigger as well as Plus with the Rear Sway bar added to the FIT its a fun drive if you know it has no power you can deal with it by not touching the brakes LOL People are funny how the see things and I want to see my new FiST so I can put it up their noses LOL j/k I know Miata's a great track cars and I hope to tilt with a few next season ....
Now back to waiting for our cars I only got a VIN but its progress.... cant imagine having it built and not in shipping yet .... I think after Sept 1 things will take off as they did say "Late Availability" when I ordered and I read that as late being Aug but I tend to lean towards the hopeful side of thingso_O

Anyway my point being you can have your opinion about the car as to color looks price but plz plz plz don't try and tell me its small if you have a Miata... you get a 12 pack of Coke and a pizza in the passengers seat and its crowded.
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Haven't ordered yet, but will later in the year. However, I've been waiting for this car since the first new generation Fiesta was announced. I was desperate for a Rally Sport version in '11. Better late than never, I suppose.
You might want to reconsider the delay, in England they have quite a long wait for new orders despite actually delivering cars since spring.

They also are getting twice the orders they expected, so they increased production 15%. I think someone flunked math class.

If the Fiesta ST is as popular here combined with Ford's willingness to delay delay delay, waiting to order might mean summer 2014 delivery.
I agree Wash you should have your car by now and be working on your build with updates and pics to keep me distracted till mine gets here !! Or Anyone for that matter ! hear that COBB MORE PIC'S PLZ :wideyed::troll:
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Ordered May 20th, cancelled order Aug 10th and re-ordered on the 12th. ETA of September 12th for stock order.
Earlier I was given today as a build date with an ETA of 9/15/13.
I checked with my dealer's inventory controller today and was told that the car has been built and now the ETA is 9/12/13.
Both ETIS and OASIS still list the VIN status as Preproduction VIN - Not yet Produced.
I have checked with Megan and all I ever get is, In Production.
At this point I don't know who to believe.
I do not understand why it is so difficult to tell a customer the TRUTH.

Pretty sure, from everything I hear, that Ford's system is archaic and crappy.
Not to worry Dave when they call and say your car is here in 3 weeks all this will be forgotten..
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