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How often do you change your oil?

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Wondering how often other Fiesta ST owners are changing their oil. I'm pro tuned to 93 octane and more boost = more pedal for me. That being said, I changed my oil at 1000 miles after break in, then 4000 miles, and now at approaching 11,000 I feel guilty that I havn't done my oil change at the 3000 mile mark, and that persistent Oil Life light on my dash is definitely not helping.

Ford's 10,000 interval between oil changes seems crazy long to wait to change oil on a car this fun to drive fast. Others thoughts on the OEM recommendation between oil changes?
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Every 5000 miles with factory oil which is motorcraft synthetic blend. Works great for my needs. I just passed 15,000 miles and recently have gone through my third and last free oil change. Unless I'm hitting a race track I'll continue using factory oil since my FiST is my daily, and cruising on the highway at a constant speed with the engine going through minimal wear and tear under such conditions it doesn't justify it for me to spend so much $$$ on synthetic oil if only thing I'm doing is commuting.
I did run a Blackstone lab report at about 13000-ish miles, and they recommended 7000 change interval, and I do it every 5000 so my engine and oil are in a pretty good shape. Of course once I go to a racetrack synthetic oil has to go in, no exceptions.
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