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How to make a good for sale thread.

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If you have a part you want to sell but you don't want to ship it, put your location in the message near the top and preferably in the thread title as well.

If you will ship but its a bulky item that can't fit in a flat rate box, tell us the location.

Pick a price, any price, don't say you are waiting for offers. If you want to wait for offers, pick a high price and add "or best offer".

When you've sold an item come back to the ad and post that the item has sold.

Some people go back and delete prices and stuff but that is poor etiquette. Used parts sales are a market, buyers and sellers need to know historical price information to establish the going rate, don't try to make it a mystery.

While on the topic of etiquette, start off your ad with the general information: price, location, condition. After that add details.

To effectively sell you want to hook the buyer and you do that by letting them know its generally what they want as soon as possible, that's why the general stuff goes first, after you have their attention, they will read the rest.

Good luck.
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