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I bought a Fiesta ST - Philly, PA

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So after shopping around I knew the price I wanted to pay and the exact Fiesta ST I wanted. I found a few locally but not the color I wanted. There was one I found in MD but when I called them a few weeks ago, they told me the car wasn't there and it was an ordered car anyways so they couldn't sell it to me, however they did have the best price which I was comparing against other dealers and no one got close. I continued my search at different dealers but no luck. This past Thursday they called me to let me know the white ST I wanted got there and the person who ordered it cancelled the order cause he couldn't wait for it and bought elsewhere. Anywho, Saturday after work I made the 2 and a half hour trip and picked up my ST. Btw, on my way there I saw a wrb hatch twin, and on the way back, I saw another wrb hatch twin. So far by driving the ST back, (I let my brother drive the Subaru back) I have noticed this car is amazing. The power, torque, steering, are great. Not that I have pushed the car to its limits yet lol. This morning I woke up and took it for another ride and its great. Now for the main reason of making this purchase. I've had 2 Fiestas before and now I still have the 2011 one which is a rally car. I bought this car because I like it and gas mileage is great compared to the Subaru with the power and features it has. I'm at work most of the time, but when I'm not I'm always driving around so mpg is very important. Eventually, the ST will be converted into a rally car but for now, I will enjoy the car to the fullest.

Enough talk, here's some pics.
This Weis was across the dealership, stopped there to grab a drink for the ride back to Philly.

And a couple from this morining.

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Congrats John! Nice fleet!

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Welcome to the forum. Not a huge fan of white but I do think the Fiesta is a much better looking car than the Subie.
Wasnt a fan of white either. My first FiST test drive was white. But after seeing it with different owners on different wheel options it has grown on me. I really like it now and it has moved up to 3rd on my fav colors list.

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Looks Good enjoy ;)
I think the white has a clean, subtle look. I like it!

Nice car.
Hey, if you're happy with white I'm happy for you!
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