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Well, I've only had my ST two weeks and already I'm screwing it up.

Last night I left the driver's side window down while it was parked on the street overnight. This morning, I noticed that the hood was popped - but still the latched position. Other than that, there is no sign that anyone was in the car. The doors were still locked (the center-console lock/unlock button is perhaps too confusing?) The few things I had in the glove box and the center console are still there; the driver seat wasn't moved, and it doesn't smell like poop.

The thing that is freaking me out is that it just doesn't make any sense for someone to reach in the window, pop the hood, and then walk away. The car runs and sounds fine - does anyone see anything amiss in this picture? What besides the battery or spark plugs could someone want under the hood of a car - if not just to rip out wires and cause trouble, which doesn't seem to have been the case?

What an idiot... Please help me feel better.
Perhaps someone did it just to let you know they could have. :)
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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