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I finally saw another Fiesta ST in the wild:

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It was Performance Blue, going the other way on Central Expressway.

I'm surprised that it was the first I saw.

I've seen maybe 6 different Focus STs on the street but this was the first Fiesta ST.
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I see a white Focus ST every day. My next door neighbor owns it. :) The only Fiesta ST I've seen besides mine was a M plate black one at Kroger.
I see you're in Westland. I (and my Blue ST) live in Livonia, so maybe I'll see you around!
I think I confused a FoST owner this morning by waving to him. He was looking at my car but seemed confused. Maybe his first FiST sighting?
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I was on a business trip in Mexico this week, and saw a Molten Orange Fiesta ST in León (area where WRC Mexico happens!). Apparently they love the Focus RS in Mexico, and I saw a few FoSTs as well, but only one FiST. I think I'll be going to the factory in Cuatitlan on my next trip, to see the birthplace of all our (US/Canada/Mexican) Fiestas!
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I was just in England for work last week. Saw three FiSTs, and about as many FoSTs. One was a lovely "Spirit Blue" FiST for sale, parked front and center in front of Buckingham Ford. It's my car's English 3-door cousin!

I was in a rented Renault Clio, so no friendly FiST waves.
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