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I finally saw another Fiesta ST in the wild:

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It was Performance Blue, going the other way on Central Expressway.

I'm surprised that it was the first I saw.

I've seen maybe 6 different Focus STs on the street but this was the first Fiesta ST.
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What the hell... make that TWO FiSTs in one day. A Tuxedo Black Fiesta ST parked at a restraunt on Greenville Ave this evening... how strange. Hadn't seen one since October 12th and then boom, TWO today. lol I bet there are 100 or less (total) FiSTs in Dallas and I spotted two (well 3 if you include mine... LOL)
Nice. I've yet to see any FiST or even FoST down here in Dallas. I was up near there the other day and drive a Tuxedo Black ST. Wonder if there's another one :)
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