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I finally saw another Fiesta ST in the wild:

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It was Performance Blue, going the other way on Central Expressway.

I'm surprised that it was the first I saw.

I've seen maybe 6 different Focus STs on the street but this was the first Fiesta ST.
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I just can't believe it.
I have had my car for about six months now and still have not seen another FiST in the wild.
That of course does not count the ones owned by members of this forum at events attended.

Same here, 4 months for me.
I had to drive 700 miles from home to see another FiST in the wild. It was a Race Red near Detroit. It would have been in the Birmingham area on W. Maple Ave on Monday around 11AM. Anyone on here?
I've seen a total of 2 outside of meets and both of them were over 500 miles from home. I like have a rare car, but damn, this is crazy!
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I saw a new race red FiST on Submarine Base Point Loma. Still had the dealer tags on it. Anyone on here?
Pretty cool that our cars seem to be more rare than Maserati's and Lamborghini's, huh?
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