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I heard back from the body shop. Picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.

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Just a quick reminder on what happened last week when I slid into a curb:
Land vehicle Alloy wheel Automotive tire Tire Wheel

It needs:
-bumper cover
-end cover
-lower grille
-retaining bracket
-valance rivits
-lower support
-foglamp assy
-fender liner
-mud guard
-rocker molding
-TPMS sensor
-lower control arm
-support brace
-stabilizer bar
-wheel bearing
-outer tie rod
-inner tie rod

Grand Total $6500

My snow tires are sitting there, laughing at me.
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So those look like the stock tires? They warn you NOT to drive on them when the temperature is below 40 degrees F. I crashed my Focus doing just that. You must have noticed they have NO GRIP. Sure you can accelerate some, but you can't stop and you can't steer. You need winter tires as well as everything else you listed. .. Let this be a warning to anyone else who thinks they can drive with the Bridgestones that come on the car through the winter...

What a drag man. .. I feel for ya...
You're usually smaller than whatever wants to hit you. Drive defensively.
As you can tell by my avatar (or maybe not) my other car is an Austin Healey Sprite. It weighs half of what the FiST weighs, and is only 11 feet long. The top of the windscreen is only about 42". I have to drive defensively as it barely has enough power to get out of its' own way and is so small everyone who actually SEES it thinks it's further away than it actually is. Cars pull out all the time in front of me, change lanes nearly on top of me, make left turns across my lane, etc... It gets to be a habit to watch for EVERYONE and assume that I am not seen. Heck I would loose to a Smart Car.
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