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I pulled off the downpipe and exhaust today to take a look, rolling my own now:)

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I thought I was doing building such parts but found out I still have the bug so ordering parts in and going for it. 3" catted down pipe but with a 5" diameter 100 cell cat, highest flowing cat I have ever seen. I was going to run a 2.5" exhaust but after talking with 2J and today ATP I will build a 3" as will get the GT turbo kit from ATP when done:)

I have never been much for posting pics but here are some things I have done in the past.

First 1ZZ turbo build in the world.

Scion TC, GT3076R manifold

The TC, built for audio comps, street and Time Trial and it was great for all of them, 275lbs lighter than stock, Carbo/kevlar roof, entire chassis foam filled, two race seats, A/C, cruise, 15" sub, 138.4 db on music, won sound quality audio comps as not built to thump,

Forged LS powered M3 I was building to be the fastest ever.

S50 before I swapped to S54 before I swapped to the built LS......

I decided to go for the best, 3-way Ohlins, ouch $$$$$$$$$$

I plan on making a very fine little ST:)
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F-ing awesome Ohlins!!

Whats the part #? And mind disclosing the price? (Although those pictured dont look like ST struts)
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