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[email protected]'s Personal Fiesta ST Adventure

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I was super excited when Ford announced the Fiesta ST would be coming to the US (finally!), so I placed a custom order at the end of October for a white FiST with Recaros and navigation. Like a lot of the guys here I waited...and waited...and waited. Towards the beginning of January, we found out our FiST SEMA build with Ford, Tanner Foust, and the Pat Tillman foundation would be leaving us to do some PR, so we started working to find something in stock locally. After a bit of searching, we found one that was fully loaded. I didn't want the sunroof initially, but now that I have it, I realize it will be great for nice days, an easy way to make sure my mountain bike is still connected to the roof, or a perfect place for a GoPro suction cup mount. The car was finally delivered last night, perfect timing for an Austin ice storm! So far I love it and I can't wait to get started modding it. I'll try to document as much as I can in this thread, upload videos and impressions to YouTube, and post fun pictures on Instagram: I hope you follow along!

- Ian

V3 Accessport
Anti-Glare Accessport Screen Protector
Left Exit Cable
Perrin Super Shorty Antenna
COBB Rear Motor Mount
COBB Intake, Custom White Powdercoating
COBB FMIC, Custom White Powdercoated Piping
Eibach Springs
OZ Racing Formula4 HLT 17x7 Wheels (16.3lbs each)

Current Picture:

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On a roll tonight Dave ;) good one ..
I would sure love to see this in orange.

LOL no I'm not going to say it...... Oh heck OK I would like to see this in Blue.... get it blue balls .. ok sorry :whistling:
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Is there any chance of you making the left exit cable standard on the Fiesta ST Accessport?

I can't think of a good reason for buying a second cable.
Maybe you could trade in your well loved cable for this Cobb left access cable

Or all their cables

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Dayum! @$79

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LOL ya it hurts to go fast sometimes eh ;)
Yeah but that doesnt make you go fast at all. Its just a convinient accessory.

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Awwww man there ya go exposing me again ... facts who need em LOL :thumbsup:
Sorry Roddy not trying to make you look bad in front of the guys...we know you da man :p

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awww I'm feeling the bromance again though there is a hint of sarcasm there somewhere ;) LOL sorry to hijac the topic. Cant wait for Dyno numbers and all the goodies....
. More pictures and video soon if you guys want!
Dang that wing reminds me on my RSX .... Looks nice though ..
Finally got my car on the dyno! Stage 2 testing soon.



No way this is beating me !! hope this works
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Yeah me .... meh felt better than it looked though really
Looks nice can't wait to see it with the Red wheels :)
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