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Illuminated ST Door Sill Plates

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Has anyone bought the illuminated ST Door Sill Plates (Part No: DE8Z-54132A08-D)? If so, did you install them yourself or did you have them installed?

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I have not yet installed them in the ST.
However I did install them in my '11 SES.

Although they left a step out of the new instructions it is just as easy.

I am just not happy with the looks of the ST plates and may not use them at all.
The OE plates look much better.

Here is what the new illumined sill plates look like.
They do not look anything tike they are represented on Ford"s site.
I did not remove the plastic film as I may still return them.
Personally I think they look like crap.

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Where did the lighted arrows go?? Booooo see why they still in the box...
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That really sucks. Where the hell are the arrows that are in the Ford site picture?

Also a fellow in the UK insists he has this option, it has arrows, and his arrows illuminate
I placed my order shortly after purchasing my car almost six months ago.
The plates were placed on an engineering hold.
It is possible that the first units in the UK had a problem and were therefore stopped.
The new plates were just released and my order was completed.
What you see above is what I received.

I was able to show these sill plates to Ford Engineers and Customer Service people today.
They agreed that these plates were very cheap looking.
I have defiantly decided NOT to install them.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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