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I'm buying an ST. Fiesta or Focus ???

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Hope you guys can help me out here. I can't decide which ST to buy. Here's the deal. I'm in my 50's but have always loved hot little cars. I recently had a 2006 WRX that I bought new, and loved it. Then, I got stupid for some reason and traded it in for a BMW 128i. It gets worse.... It had auto transmission!

Now I want to have the thrill back. I am looking at many reviews/videos/etc of both Fords, and I'm beggining to thing the Focus looks like a station wagon from the side. It's too long. It doesn't have that rally-car size. On the flip side, The Focus is no slouch either. And chances are it will have greater resale value when the time comes.

My wife and I have no kids, and so I'm usually driving around in an empty car. She does all the shopping in her beater Matrix.

Am I talking myself into the Fiesta here? I think I am. Help.
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The question is... Have you told the Focus forums yet?
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Ok boys and girls - I pulled the trigger tonight on a loaded Fiesta ST (black). Pick it up Monday.

Good stuff! It's not like you could go wrong either way, but you've gone the more childish fun option. I approve... :biglaugh:
Congrats! The black is a great color choice. I hope you enjoy the car.
Picking it up this evening - thanks for all the help guys
Picking it up this evening - thanks for all the help guys
Great way to start the week, eh? Fantastic news!
...and here she is in the driveway:
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...and here she is in the driveway:
Congrats! Did you drive the Focus?

I've bought a lot of cars over the years (we're in the same age range) and have a great local Ford dealer. I actually got to take the Focus and the Fiesta each home for a day. I'm like most here.. I found that the Focus was more refined - nicer options and accessories and certainly had more power, but I found it felt heavier and more vague than the Fiesta. Also has the turning radius of a frigate. The Fiesta is just more tossable and raw "fun". I ultimately bought the FiST.
I did not drive the Focus. In fact, I drove nothing else. I almost tested a Veloster Turbo but the reports about the tranny turned me off. Beautiful car though.
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