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I'm going to SEMA

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I was able to register since my company does some mobile business.

I'm working on picking a hotel, everything is super expensive because of the trade show (about 4x normal rates). If you know of a cheap place near the Sands convention center that isn't disgusting, let me know before lunch time Tuesday.

There are several Fiesta STs being built for SEMA, cars like the one COBB got.

I'm a little surprised that I haven't seen any type of advertisement for the Fiesta ST. To me its a halo vehicle that they should use to get people in the dealership.

It seems like now that we finally got one of the good toys from Europe we are stuck with US marketing that isn't even going to try to sell it. First mistake: when 2013s were still on the lots Ford was shipping 2014s instead of rushing ST production. Second mistake: they should be pushing the 1.0 EcoBoost like crazy (and make a handling package, 1.0 with ST suspension and 15" wheels to dominate SCCA). Third mistake: almost no Fiesta marketing and almost no mention of the handling and fun to drive factor.

Hopefully that will change with a good showing at SEMA and the various auto shows.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the Ecoboost challenge and the Fiesta Agent thing is cool I guess but I've only met maybe 20 people who knew what it was before I told them, those two things just don't have a lot of mainstream reach. I haven't seen any new magazine reviews or magazine project cars. I might be old-school but that's where I look first.

Any way I hope the Fiesta ST show cars create a lot of buzz like the old Mustang 5.0 did back when people figured out how to tune fuel injection.

I can't take pictures at the show but I hope I'll have some good stories to tell.
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SEMA is an awesome experience... Something every automotive enthusiast should probably attempt to enjoy at least once!

I went back when I had pre-ordered a Camaro when they launched the new 2010's... And there was over a hundred custom Camaro's at SEMA that year... And I ended up getting together with a pretty huge group of Camaro enthusiasts from the big forum from all across North America.
Was pretty great. At the time, that car was my dream car.. So it was cool to see it get that level of treatment. Camaro's aside though, I saw a lot of amazing stuff at SEMA. Brought my lady, and stayed in the Mirage on the strip. Booked everything last minute including the flights.. So I definitely can't give any advice on the best deals..... I didn't go about things in a very practical way. I kind of put the whole plan together on a whim... because of how Camaro crazy I was at the time.. I wasn't working in the industry so I had to get "temporarily" hired so that I could go.. lol
Good times though.

Any reason in particular you can't take pictures? No camera? I have thousands of photo's from when I went. Well.... I had thousands before my hard drive ate it... I have a few hundred remaining though.

Good luck getting around to see the whole event.. There is seriously so much to see.. I was there during every one of the non press days... And I never got to see it all... (The lady has little interest in cars..... so I had to do a little bit of sight-seeing / shopping & making sure she got to have a little fun). But I was there for a good chunk of time every day.
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I may go just for friday night. Would like to see the Fiesta ST goodies in person
By their rules only press can use cameras.
Weird.. Well I don't know if that changed in the last couple years, or if they just don't enforce it.. Because I walked around with.. 2 or 3 camera's and I definitely wasn't the only one... It was hard to take photo's because of all the other people in the way taking photo's half the time. And never once did anyone say anything to me. Wasn't subtle about it either. Shame if things changed, but to be honest... I don't really go in and look at my photo's again and again or anything... So it's not a huge loss.. Just enjoy the experience ;)
Yeah, I agree but I'm sure the pros will take much better pictures than I could.

What I will really want to do is ask questions, lots of questions.
Have a blast sir! I'm hoping that there will be some support for the regular Fiesta from vendors. If there is, give me some hope! I want a bloody tuner! :D
I think Ford could sell a ton of Fiestas with the 1.0, ST suspension and 15" wheels for maybe $17,995.

If they did that I'm sure lots of 1.0 speed parts would get made because it would be a real sporty car for only a few more bucks than very basic transportation.

I love the ST but if Ford could bring this handling with a more entry level price they would create a big market because a $3,000 upgrade is a lot easier to justify than $7,000.

I'm sure the ST will have a good aftermarket even if its only copies of European Fiesta speed parts so I'm not worried about the 1.0 stealing its thunder.
I'm stuck with ye olde 1.6 for a few more years, and I'd love to be able to do more than add noisemakers to it. I do expect the 1000 cc triple to get some support, but of course, the 1.6 ecoboost will get the Lions share. And it should. But, I've not exhausted what I think my 11 is capable of, and I want a Mountune MP155 kit! I'll just hope that you'll spot something to make my day...
Just skimmed the thread and have a minute to reply. Here are a few things that may help with your SEMA trip. ;)

AAPEX is at the Sands Expo Center. No photos here without special permission.
SEMA is at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Photos generally just fine here. Be mindful if they have signs up at a booth prohibiting it. That is very rare.

The good news is that your registration will get you in to both. There are shuttle busses between both and several locations in Vegas.

Global RallyCross event will be across the street from the LVC as far as I know on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Last year you just had to jump through a few hoops to get free tickets. I need to look into this year's procedure.

And don't forget comfortable walking shoes!!!
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