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Incentives & Private Cash

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2 questions:
1. Anyone know if you can combine the incentives & private cash?
Currently there is a $1000 incentive on the Fiesta. Also Ford emailed me $500 in private cash toward a Fiesta. If combined is get $1500 off! Woohoo :biglaugh:
2. To redeem the private cash do you have to use Ford credit for your loan?

Any input is appreciated. Thanks!
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Thanks Gpfarrell!

I didn't really want to use Ford Credit. Our credit union gave me 1.64% with no origination fee and no early payoff penalties.

The dealer has made us an offer for a fully loaded 2015 FiST (nav, Recaro seats, moonroof) for $23,500 - hopefully this means we'll get it for $23,000!

Thanks for the info! The private cash wasn't included in our quote. Also they were trying to do a dealer to dealer trade and the other dealership won't cooperate (even though they have 3 ST's on the lot). Since we are ordering our car, they gave us an even better deal. Yay!! :D
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