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Injen CAI $125 plus shipping

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I will install within a reasonable distance from Roanoke Va. Used for two days. Just too loud for me.
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I'll need to measure the box tonight.
It looks like it is going to cost around $25 to ship ups ground and will be in transit 2 days. Go to their website. The box dimensions are 37" long, 14" wide and 9" tall. My zip code is 24018. My car ate one nut that goes to the mounting bracket and one allen screw that goes to the heat shield. I can go out tomorrow and replace those. If the shipping is more than that I will cover the rest. I can ship Monday morning or tomorrow if you want to get the screw and nut which you can pickup at Advance auto.
I'm actually going to run to advance now and get those 2 pieces. Let me know.
I'll send it off in the morning. What address would you want to ship it to?
I should be at the ups store at 10:00. I'll texted you then. I've got a fmic coming in on Monday. I'm stoked! This car is almost an addiction! Lol
Truly it sounds awesome. Great turbo sound, blow off, and also a little flutter. But I guess at my age I like the sleeper appeal of the car.
I'm at UPS now. What's your name and address?
Text it to me at 5405887265.
1 - 10 of 19 Posts
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