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Installed Mountune full induction and short shifter today...

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Finally got around to installing the Mountune short shifter and full induction kit... I was expecting anything from the intake kit, but WOW, was I surprised when I took it out for a drive! My butt dyno said HELL YEAH!!! much improved throttle response and the turbo just comes in earlier and harder than ever. I also noticed a huge improvement in intake air temps. The hose that runs into the fender really helps keep the temps no higher than 10 degrees above ambient. Most of the time it was with 3 degrees which meant for the first time I saw charge air temps lower than ambient! This car just continues to amaze me!

I also installed the hydraulic hood strut from sico developments out of the UK. Great little kit that was easy to install.
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I believe they saw those issues with a rally car. Randy tuned one up and I'm guessing the rally car had a nice stiff mount. Rocks and debris hitting the engin also could do it, but I'm sure they had a skid plate. Ive been checking my AP and i don't see any pulled timing or knock registered.
No. You can do it like you install the air box. From the top
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