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Installed Mountune full induction and short shifter today...

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Finally got around to installing the Mountune short shifter and full induction kit... I was expecting anything from the intake kit, but WOW, was I surprised when I took it out for a drive! My butt dyno said HELL YEAH!!! much improved throttle response and the turbo just comes in earlier and harder than ever. I also noticed a huge improvement in intake air temps. The hose that runs into the fender really helps keep the temps no higher than 10 degrees above ambient. Most of the time it was with 3 degrees which meant for the first time I saw charge air temps lower than ambient! This car just continues to amaze me!

I also installed the hydraulic hood strut from sico developments out of the UK. Great little kit that was easy to install.
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Any feedback on the short shift kit ?
I'll be able to add my comments on the short shift kit "shortly" ;) Can't convince myself that the induction hose upgrade is required at this point .....
I have the the MP215 upgrade which includes the cold air intake and love it. I'm just not sold that spending the extra $$ for the induction hose will add anything noticeable.
If nothing else it looks really nice.
Well this is true ....hmmmm lol
Any added NVH from any aftermarket mount that is currently in the marketplace can be problematic. I'm not going to throw any particular mount under the bus, but I use the stock mounts.
So eliminate "bunny-hopping" during quick-starts, but potentially lose power from pulled spark due to NVH ?!? Hmm...I think I'll stick with the stock mount as well ;)
Yeah, as if Mountune USA knows anything about tuning Fords and associated problems .
Has anyone with the MP215 kit taken their FiST to the dyno? I'm interested to see what the whp and torque gains are from the MP215 and the FMIC. Mountune lists gains in driving (improvements in 0-60, etc) but no dyno numbers. I'm interested in buying products from mountune but honestly the MP215 kit seems over priced. Say the mTune costs $500 and the filter another $80. It seems like I'm paying $600 for a box and single hose. I understand that some people like the warranty (approved by ford) but won't you void your warranty anyway if you get the (soon to be released) downpipe? If you're willing to spend $1200 on an upgrade like this, I'm sure you won't be stopping there.
Mountune's European website has dyno numbers posted for the MP215.I would think our North American tune wouldn't be too much different. The MP215 tune is "locked" and has no provision for operating with a downpipe.
1 - 7 of 41 Posts
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