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Intercoolers - Which is better / black or silver / Tube & Fin or Bar & Plate

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Interesting video trying to debunk the myth about which is better black or silver and general explanation of intercoolers and their construction types.

But there seems to a fair bit of debate online regarding this issue on color and construction type:

My two questions:
1. Which is better black or silver
2. Which is better tube and fin (Mountune FMIC construction) or bar and plate (Cobb FMIC construction) to name a couple of vendors and the construction types they use.
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Hi Ken

Thanks for such a Unbiased opinion.
I don't think I have ever seen a more one-side description of the differences between extruded tube and fin verse bar and plate intercoolers.
If you really want add some credibility to your statements then you need to provide some type of testing data .
Perhaps COBB would like to respond or any other manufacturer of bar and plate intercoolers for that matter.
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Wow, I constantly got grief for asking this same type of question(s) before I was banned on the forum you are a staff member on.

Here is some info:
Hi razor

I can't remember you ever discussing the pros and cons of Bar and Plate verse Tube and Fin intercoolers and I use to follow your posts.
I thought you got banned for constantly giving one of the staff members shit.

Here a link that provides more information about Bar and Plate / Tube and Fin intercoolers. It mostly backs up the info you have provided.
Its very detailed and to long to copy and paste. It also goes into the important of end tank design, its not just the core that is important for a efficient intercooler. and Plate or Tube and Fin?
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Since this whole site is sponsored by Mountune I'm going to now bow out of this thread. I don't want to get banned from another forum.
Opps, I forgot about that.
Just to redeem myself, I have a Mountune Quick shift fitted and its Terrific.
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So is that advanced tube And fin designs or advanced Tube and Fin design ?.
As far as overheating of the cooling system goes, I think you could have a problem if you replaced the IC and did not retain the OEM cowling or modify it if you could not reuse it.
Air flow to the cooling system looks like it could become a problem on this vehicle, not help by the fact that the bumper and front crash bar blocks about 1/3 of the frontal area of the radiator.
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