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Intercoolers - Which is better / black or silver / Tube & Fin or Bar & Plate

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Interesting video trying to debunk the myth about which is better black or silver and general explanation of intercoolers and their construction types.

But there seems to a fair bit of debate online regarding this issue on color and construction type:

My two questions:
1. Which is better black or silver
2. Which is better tube and fin (Mountune FMIC construction) or bar and plate (Cobb FMIC construction) to name a couple of vendors and the construction types they use.
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Exactly Razor...are we talking facts, or just blindly conforming to a so called "expert"...forums can be fun, but they can also be very competitive...I like facts and fun...Cheerz!!!
Dude...stand your ground...don't leave...You have good knowledge and info...and EFF getting banned..If you have a story to tell, this is where it will be told...
This is the best place for the truth about our car...if it wasn't and Nazi like, many would have been banned already...including yours truly...thanks Randy, Rodmoe and the rest...let's keep freedom alive on here...if not, our car is worthless, insignificant, and rust worthy
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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