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My diff builder is in close cooperation with OSG US and I just asked him to look into a unit for our cars. There is probably not enough volume to develop one specifically for use but there is a change one already exists that will work in our diffs as Getrag makes some small transaxles that have been fitted and there is a good chance our diff is a bit generic in LSD fitment regards or would take little effort to tweak one to fit.

Being a 20 plate LSD designed to have an exceptionally smooth lockup range from basically zero to 100%(tunable as well to fit the more specific needs for the platform and or individual users) It has a reputation of being exceptionally easy to drive and effectiveness, I have read of running one second or even faster per lap in very competitive and fast race cars which is huge.

It is generally more effective that a ramped diff and ramped diffs have to be hand machined by somebody that is very talented and experienced to work right, I had a "ramped diff" built by a "great builder, in his mind" that was total junk.

Any downsides?
1)Unit cost, pretty expensive, I had one for my M3 race car build in a custom diff....but no more than a custom ramped LSD, see above as well.
1)Install cost, not many can do a proper LSD install at home.
1)Fluid is costly but unless a hard core drifter or all out racer it can last a season.

The Quaiffe available is a great unit and the best I know of for now and less expensive, still takes the same skill to install properly, I may get one if it remains the only choice for much longer.

I am also going to look into something a bit less than either of those, if a stock LSD is available for another diff perhaps my diff guy can make us up some clutch type rebuild diffs, with options for more race, street, etc.....

Not in this for the money, I am retired, just looking for ways to help us all have more options on great, real, go fast parts:)


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