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So a few months back I was able to buy a stock FiST steering wheel out of a totaled FiST. I'm not a fan of the cheap pleather Ford used, so I contacted Redlinegoods about them making a cover for the FiST since they only offered one for the Focus. As of yesterday I have the first wheel cover they produced for the FiST! I'm guessing now hat they have the pattern they'll produce them in any variety of materials and stitching colors they typically offer, but I wanted a full Alcantara cover with the Silver stitching to match the shift boot and armrest cover I already have from them.

As with everything else I've got from them, the quality looks OEM! I just can't wait to get it in the car now. Anyone know the procedure for removing the steering wheel? My only real concern is removing the horn pad with airbag.

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