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Is MP215 the way to go?

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Just got my new ST (only driven 1000km) and is thinking of getting a tune for it. I wanna keep the warranty on it, so it must be Mp215 that is the way to go? I also want as much torque at high rpm as possible as a NA engine without loosing too much midrange torque - which tune is best for that?

Thanks in advance.
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So I was finally able to put my car on a dyno this morning. The car with only the MP215 kit put down 188hp/238tq. These are SAE numbers on a DynoJet. I know the numbers are a little lower than what Mountune USA advertises, but the car still pulls strong. The MP215 kit definitely wakes it up. I am happy with it!
Someone just ran a stock FiST with similar numbers.. Did you run a base line before the MP215? Dynos are pretty much only useful as a delta ie. gains over a baseline. There are too many variable with individual dyno set up and calibrations to compare one dyno to another.
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