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Is MP215 the way to go?

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Just got my new ST (only driven 1000km) and is thinking of getting a tune for it. I wanna keep the warranty on it, so it must be Mp215 that is the way to go? I also want as much torque at high rpm as possible as a NA engine without loosing too much midrange torque - which tune is best for that?

Thanks in advance.
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Those numbers sound a bit off to me. Without a stock pull from the same car, there's no way to know how accurate the numbers are, as most people know. The way the car is ran on the dyno can impact it greatly. I've typed up this how-to to help get the most accurate results possible:
Great article on dynos! So what should an MP215 car be putting down to the wheels on your inertia Dynojet given that it's rated at 215 crank HP and unknown torque?
Our test car put down about 203 WHP / 247 WTQ on our Dynojet with the MP215 and 91 octane.

And just shy of 250 ft-lbs torque?
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1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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