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Is MP215 the way to go?

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Just got my new ST (only driven 1000km) and is thinking of getting a tune for it. I wanna keep the warranty on it, so it must be Mp215 that is the way to go? I also want as much torque at high rpm as possible as a NA engine without loosing too much midrange torque - which tune is best for that?

Thanks in advance.
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At least, until the Ford Racing ProCal unit comes out for our cars.

That being said, I don't want to wait and so will probably be pulling the trigger on an MP215 soon.

... and what is a Ford racing procal?
It makes perfect sense that Fords want to score the aftermarket money, regarding tuning, instead of a third party. Looking forward to this.
What sort of numbers should we be hoping for with the ProCal regarding the Fiesta ST?
It's kind of pointles, really... at least for the current owners (those that drive regularly). As I'm assuming the 36m/36k Ford Racing warranty that takes over the car's factory warranty with the new tune likely starts from the day the car was purchased.... so by the time this is released, most of the benefit of getting it through Ford will be a mute point. Once you hit the halfway mark on your car's warranty, you should probably just wait it out and get Cobb or one of the other tuners since being in warranty is the point going with the MP215 or this new FR tune... At least with Mountune you can go up to the Mountune Racing stuff which is what I will likely do when my car is out of warranty...

so really it only makes sense to do FR or MP215 when your car is still fresh and very low in miles.
What you're saying doesn't make much sense. Firstly, customers choose this option because they don't wanna risk anything. Secondly, the 2 year warranty isn't the only thing Ford offers if you service your car during that period (and no COBB tune for iunstance), but when the warranty is up and the car breaks down, Ford is more open to compensate.
Sorry, I think you may have misunderstood my post. I am referring to the decision making process a Fiesta ST owner goes through when considering their available tuning options. Typically, an ST owner would only consider the Mountune MP tuning kits if they would prefer to not be concerned about having issues when utilizing their car's factory warranty at the dealership or with Ford. The MP215 is more expensive, offers less gain, has less support (only comes with one map), has less gauges, etc. and again, it cost more than the competition. Plus you have to pay to have it installed.... so it's real value/benefit is only the fact that it doesn't impact your factory warranty.

If factory warranty is not a concern, typically an ST owner is going to go with one of the other tune options such as Cobb, Mountune's MR, etc. as it's cheaper and usually offers better gains.

With that in mind, your factory warranty starts from the day of purchase(so to speak), so ideally the best time to get an MP kit or a tune that is covered under factory warranty is as earlier as possible or rather with as low mileage as possible (so that you maximize it's only real benefit or value vs the competition)

In my mind, I'd wager:

MP215 purchased at a dealer and installed by the dealer (therefore not impacting your warranty) at 0 miles is better than:
MP215 purchased at a dealer and installed by a dealer at 25,000 miles.

The MP215 kit (installed by a dealer and at a dealer, keeping the factory warranty) begins to lose it's value the more miles you put on your car vs. the competition (other tunes) as they are not covered under warranty in the first place, so mileage or length of ownership, doesn't matter for them.

Its only cheaper until the damn thing breaks down :-D (and the breakdown isn't necessary have to do anything with the tune, warranty still isn't covering)

A risk I´m not ready to take, and probably one of the reasons I bought a completely new car. I know what you're saying, your having more bang for the buck with the third party options.
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Yeah, definitely. For the record, I have the MP215. I love it. I've driven in one with a Cobb Stage 1 AP. Honestly, the only thing I miss in my MP215 is the torque limiter being removed and an oil temp gauge. That aside, I absolutely love my MP215 and the lack of concern should something go wrong with my car and I need to use the warranty.

I really hate that torque limiter in 1 and 2 too. What did it make only with mp215 and do you got any numbers with NOW COBB installed?
The MP215 is verified on the 2015 Fiesta ST and in fact already has a CARB EO.
Perhaps the FRPP catalog has not been updated but the calibration was updated several months ago to accommodate
the changes the 2015 has.

And yes, there will be no ProCal for the Fiesta.

How genuine is the source who dictates there will be no ProCal for the Fiesta?
I hate that limiter, I and not the car, should be in control.
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The reason that limiter is most likely in there for the 1st and 2nd gear is for two reasons, first to prevent excessive wheel spin and second & more importantly to limit the amount of torque being applied to 1st and 2nd gear. Again the reason why Ford is approving MP215 as warranty approved is because they don't want to shorten the life of the transmission by wrecking 1st and 2nd gears because they are probably only designed to take only so much torque.

I have seen this in other cars where guys add a turbo to a NA engine and experience a short time later a failure of 2nd gear in the the tranmission due to the change in gear ration between 1st and 2nd gear and all that torque being applied to 2nd gear when it wasn't designed for that level of torque.

So basically you can say, that the ST´s transmission isn't up for the job - even standard wise.
Best tune for strong torque at the top end ?
Randy's custom tunes for your specific car. 91 or 93? E gas? Intercooler? Downpipe? It all matters.
95 octane at worst(EU car) and no hardware mods...
Hmmm I think for a EU car you will need to seek a MAF tune such as Revo or Bluefin. I know nothing of either or any others for the EU cars. As I am Randy Tuned and happy :) sorry to be of no real help for your specific car
What is the difference between COBB and Revo? (output wise)

Thanks for your reply and Randy sounds like a nice guy :)
I am not exact on the output but I would think they are close I would research them and the other tuners that make tunes for the MAF car ..
Randy is a super great guy and a well versed tuner..

Sorry, but I'm not sure about all the terms you are using here, "MAF" what does that stand for?
Look in the aftermarket parts thread, there's a list of Europe friendly tuning services (including Mountune, Revo and Bluefin)

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I´m grateful :)
So I was finally able to put my car on a dyno this morning. The car with only the MP215 kit put down 188hp/238tq. These are SAE numbers on a DynoJet. I know the numbers are a little lower than what Mountune USA advertises, but the car still pulls strong. The MP215 kit definitely wakes it up. I am happy with it!
Sounds more like WHP to me?
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