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Is the Recaro package worth it?

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The title says it all. $2000 is a decent chunk of change. My financée loves the heated seats in my 2012 SE, so that would be a bonus for her. I do remember the seats being a bit narrow in the Recaro package for the SVTF. I'm not a fan of that.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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Does anyone know for sure if the Fiesta ST Recaro's will hook right up to a non-Recaro (base ST)? IE the wiring/etc. I am assuming the wiring harnesses are the same because it would cost Ford more money in the long run to have the same car wired multiple ways. There's a picture earlier in this thread of a FiST with both a base seat and a Recaro at a Ford Dealer to show the difference, so that makes me think my assumptions are correct.
short answer: yes.
Haha thanks! Is there any part of the long answer that I should know? I'm not concerned if the heaters won't work, I just want to make sure the airbags will work.
Nope. I have the Recaro seats in my Titanium. 100% fit. Or so I hope. I really didn't want to actually test the airbags :)

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Thanks! Plugged in and no airbag light is enough assurance for me!
Here's the post on it: #5536
So there's just that single plug under the seat? And it connected right up to the Recaro seats? I was expecting there to be 2.
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