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Is there a rep from Ford on this website?

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I seem to recall seeing a representative from Ford posting on this site. I believe she (?) was willing to answer questions from owners. Is she still on the board and if so, does anyone jave her contact information? I had a question about the optional Rado Grey wheels. Thank you!
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Warranty type question or a parts sales type question?

Different person here but is there a way I can get a silver wheel for less than the $500 the dealer is quoting? Is Tire Rack going to carry it any time soon? Thanks from Kevin.
PM headed your way. :)
Meagan -- I have a 2014 Fiesta ST with the optional Rado Grey rims. I have been trying to locate the paint code for the paint or finish on these rims (the Ford paint code or the equivalent PPG paint code). My dealer tried to track down this information with no luck but I'm hoping you might have better luck. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. If for some reason Ford does not want to release this information, I also went to an automotive paint store near me and we looked at some color swatches from the Ford wheel handbook and one Ford color "Argent" (2014 Ford Wheel XPQC, PPG Paint Code 301444) seemed like a close match. Can someone at Ford give me a rough equivalent or match for the Rado Grey rims? I am interested in mixing some touch up paint for my rims and getting some aftermarket rims I have ordered painted the same color.

I've never seen Ford publish paint codes for wheels, they just don't.

Best bet would be a wheel repair guy or having a body shop match the wheel paint. I've been in Ford dealerships for 25 years and have never, ever seen touch up paint or paint codes for wheels.

Like I said, 20+ years in Ford parts and I have never once seen or found any reference to paint codes for wheels.

A wheel repair shop or a body shop with color matching ability would be the most likely sources for this although I just stumbled across this doing a Google search, appears someone in the UK did exactly what I'm suggesting and had a body shop mix it for them for resale.

1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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