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Is this crack ok?

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I was pulling away from being parked and noticed a loud metallic banging sound coming from the rear. I suspected the brake dust shield had come in contact with the rotor (this can happen occasionally). However considering the car isnt even a year old and has around 13,500, AND the abruptness of the noise appearing I decided to pull over and take a gander.

I duck under the rear of the car and notice what appear to me to be cracks in the frame. (Circled in pictures)
I should note at this point I have observed the gap between the top of the dust shield and the rotor is larger than the gap at the bottom, on both sides of the car. So now I'm thinking "**** my frame bent which tilted the dust shield into the rotor."

I'm not too far from home so I drive at a reasonable pace home. I should mention that I tried my best to bend back the dust shield and it was no longer making the metallic contact noise.

Please PLEASE tell me my initial impression was wrong. I am taking the car in to the dealer anyway because it shouldn't be making noises anyway.
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Jerry Seinfeld says if you have an oddity on one side of your body it's OK as long as you have one on other side too. So with that reasoning you're all set. But now. After "taking a gander at your crack" that looks not good. My question would be HOW?
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