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Hey guys, so I had posted a bunch about my order and delays, and I b*tched and complained. Well I finally took delivery May 9th, Order date Feb 16. Came in earlier than any ETA. Anyway, that's not why I'm posting.

Today makes the third time taking her/him (i think it will be a boy) After my 85 mile drive home from dealer, it was right into the garage for some work.

I followed DreamDeatil post pretty closely as far as detailing goes. Hes a pro, I'm new to it, and probably ended up spending about 600-700$ on building my own amateur detail kit. (chemicals, DA polisher, pads, foamer, buckets, wash mitts, micro fiber, clay towel, 10x20 pop up tent, etc...)

So after foaming, 2 bucket wash, etc. I went ahead and sprayed Iron X all over and was quite surprised at the results, having a white car really made the results stand out, as I used it on my truck, with no noticeable reaction.

So after that, it was another wash with the foam canon, and a nice lather with a new wash mitt. A final rinse, then dried with McGuiars Water Magner, Along with a filtered Cyclone Blower.

Pulled into the garage and jacked up off all 4 wheels. This was tricky. There is very little room to put a jack and jack stands. What I ended up doing was first pulling off the cut outs on the side skirts, if I did it all over I would not do this, as they are attached by a tether which either broke off, or i ripped it off because I couldn't get them back in. They really didn't need to come off.

I was not able to jack the car up, and get a solid jack stand position where the recommended jack points. were. I started with the front driver side with an old craftsman jack.. I ended up making a jack block using a 4x4, just needed to cut a slit out of the middle. this worked out really well. Jacking from this point also raises the back. I then took another small jack I just picked up from Harbor Freight for 80$ and jacked up the passenger side. I then took the car jack and jacked up one side of the rear, and then used my truck jack, and jacked up the other side. I did each corner a little at a time to distribute the weight, and to make sure all 4 corners were being supported. **4 jack stands were than placed under what I though were solid points, in case a jack failed, it would then be supported by a jack stand. The whole time the jack points were the main contact points holding the vehicle up

The wheels were than washed, dried with a towel, than blown dry to get all the water out of the bead. It was off to be coated with plasti dip. I ran into a few issues. I chose to do the index card method, as when I did my truck I found pulling the dip out of the letting was challenging and removed in tiny pieces. After doing a few layers the wind blew a few of the cards onto the wet rim, by the time I noticed they had dried, and while removing the index car that blew on top, it pulled the dip up.

(picture of doing the inside of the wheels first, taped off the tire as I didnt spray the inside lip)

Used about 4 cans (amazon has 6 cans for 30$ shipped, cheapest I found it)

While each layer was drying I began to work on the calipers. I opted to go with green, and being that I was unable to find a brush on green, I went with rattle cans. This took a lot more time.
I bought a can of VHT caliper Primer, Can of VHT engine enamel in green, and VHT clear caliper paint. Everything was taped off. I should have covered the whole car with newspaper. Doing it in a closed garage, I got a lot of spray dust onto the freshly washed car.

Three coats of each with about 10 minutes between. Taping off took about 45 minutes per corner, as I was very careful to tape off spots I did not want paint to get

Wheels are done

So I thought

One fell over onto the rocks and chipped it all up. :(

So I decided to try out some Naptha to see if i could smooth it out and respray. Well it worked perfectly. Dipyour car sells a kit that has a mix of two chemicals for 8$ but they want 12$ to ship. At that point Id rather peel and respray with a 5$ can of dip. After smoothing out the chips, a few light coats made all the blemishes just about disappear.

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wheels got 3-4 coats of TUF SHINE, then put back on .... backed out onto the driveway for another full service wash to get all the spray dust off my paint. Dried and pulled back in.

This time I used a Speedy Prep Towel and Clayed it, removing factory particles as well as the remaining spray dust.

I decided to try the Polish Angel Glass Coat just as Dream Detailer

Its not cheap, but he runs the US distributor and answered all my questions. I could have gotten away with a much smaller bottle of the primer, but I had planned to use it on my truck, but ended up using mcguiars before I ordered it. It comes very quick, 3 days i think from order to my door, all the way from germany.. Packaged very well. The Glass coat bottle is very small and for 65$ i was disappointed at first. But after two coats I still have 1/3 a bottle. And the results are quite impressive, lets just hope the durabilty is as advertised 18-24 months.

First you need to polish the car with the primer, I used my PC DA with the blue pad from chemicals guys, they say you need to use the primer to achieve 9h hardness from the coating, so every inch of paint I could get primer on I could, even if it meant using a hand pad.

The polish is very nice, and very easy to work with especially for someone who has only done 1 vehicle with a DA before. Wipes off very easily and gives a good working time.

The coating is applied with the supplied foam applicator. On a white vehicle it was hard to tell where I had product and where I didn't so I probably used more than I could have. Again it goes on very easily and quickly. After 30 minutes wipes off with no pressure of rubbing at all. 2 hours later 2nd coat. I tried timing it so I would polish a section, get the coating on, move on and by the time I finished the next section, I was removing the coating and so on. The whole polish / coating process took a solid 10 hours.

The glasscoat can also be used on all the plastic trim and really gave the black a nice deep black, without added a ton of shine. Also coated the headlamps, and tail lamps.

Here's the hood after 2 coats and 5 hours later.

Then it must cure for 12-24 hours. (man was I dying to take him out)

Fabric coated with fabric guard from chemical guys. ST floor mats. All windows had rain x applied.

Here are some pics of the final 1.5 week detail before driving him for the 2nd time.

I am very pleased with everything. Glass Coat gave the car a great shine, and the clarity after polishing really came out. The paint is so smooth, it almost feels soft, but I know its now protected with 9h hardness. Love the black wheels. Eventually I'll get black rims as this car with the brake dust will probably ruin the dip, Im also loving the green/black combo. I hope that paint will hold up to the heat, it should. I should add I got the matte black gorilla lug nuts off amazon for like 30$. Hoping to get tints done in the coming weeks, just need to find the time to drive the 2 hours to the guy I use. Was also de-badged the following morning including taking off the ST, just the front ST remains. I wish I could lose the front plate.

**sorry its a bit long and wordy, if anyone has questions on any products I used or the the process feel free to ask, I tried to keep it short and sweet, "tried"

Thanks to dreamdetail for helping me deplete my bank account. I bought way too many detailing products, but damn does my car look good. I highly suggest giving Polish Angel, I am a big fan of collinte 845, and will probably use that on top of this after my next wash.

**1st oil changed at 100 miles give or take**

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Thanks guys, Its been a blast to drive these last 2 days to work, I just wish it wasn't 22 miles straight ahead. First fill up today too, the dealer cheaped out and gave me 3/4 tank of 87 and had the nerve to charge me 25$... I would have rather taken it there myself, then let some gas boy waste my 25$ on 87. So today it was 93, all 10 gallons of it.

Looks great! If you ever redo the wheels, don't bother masking the tire. The plastidip will literally fall off the rubber in a day or two. I learned that after spending a lot of time taping mine.
I did that on my truck rims, no taping... but part of the dip pulled up where I did it heavier, the rest I damn near lost all the skin on my finger trying to rub it off, especially around all the writing... I should have waited to see if it fell off, i figured it probably wouldn't as it bonds pretty well.

Sorry was paying more attention to your house!! Looks nice! Great job on the car as well haha!!
I painted that too, skipped the write up though, also took a considerable amount more time.

Well that answers my question...
What would that question be?

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I was a little unsure looking at the calipers and wheels in process, but it sure looks good as a final product!!

With rail shipment, using Iron-X when you car arrives is a must. I use the stuff every spring as part of my normal spring detailing.
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