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Just got my ST yesterday! Couple things I noticed that I don't like (so far)

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After thinking I wouldn't be able to get an ST, I actually got one yesterday and it's the exact one I wanted! There's only a couple things that I have noticed that could have been a little better (so far lol)

The trunk is way smaller than my 2011 hatchback. For some reason, the piece you pull up to get to the spare tire is way too high up. I think it's really unnecessary. It's hard to explain what I'm talking about unless you see the 2 in comparison in person. My hatchback had 2 12 inch subs, I don't think you can even fit any in the ST because the height is so different.

The other thing is I don't like how the my ford touch is set up. I hate how it has the screen split into 4 sections, it just looks stupid. I looked at the display options and I don't think there is any way you can change it (does anyone know if you can?) At least you can put any picture as your wallpaper (as long as it's 800 x 350 or something like that)

My girlfriend has a Chevy Cruze, and I like the MyLink setup way better than My Touch. Here are some pics of how I wish My Touch looked.


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You're right. The MFT looks beautiful if you're parked while you use it. But the fonts on the MFT are too thin and hard to read at road speed if you don't have perfect vision (like me). I have to look over my glasses and lean in to read the stupid display. Not the safest thing to do...
Lift the floor up and out of the car, then slide it under the trim that is on the sides near the rear seat backs. After that, push the edge of the floor nearest the bumper towards the sheetmetal floor of the trunk. Move it back and forth a few times to get it to settle into place. Once that is done, the floor will sit on the top of the spare tire, which is pretty much the same height as the 2011-13 cars. It is easy to change from the low level to the high level, in case you wanted the floor the same height as the rear seats when they are folded down...
What kind of spare do you have? Mine sticks up above the well several inches and there's no way that the load floor will fit on the lower level unless you bend the heck out of the floor. This morning, I removed the wheel to be sure that nothing was under the tire, and the tire is still above the sheet metal floor even with the jack removed.

Speaking of the jack, the handle assembly is WAY over-thought. I'd hate to try to pull it apart in the dark, and re-assembly is worse. I should have taken a picture of it before I opened it... :)
And why did Ford choose to bury the fuel funnel UNDER the spare? Another bad idea. I decided to flip the tire over and place the jack assembly on top where it's more easily accessible.
Maybe BRGT350's spare has no air pressure. :happy:

I just had an epiphany.
Deflate the tire, then jam it down into the well. Then inflate it back up and see if it expands the well! :cool:
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OK, today I removed the spare tire and measured the depth of the spare tire well, and the width of the tire;

The wheel well (at the front area) is approx. 6 1/2 " deep (it's closer to 8" deep at the rear).
The 185/60R15 spare tire is nearly 8" wide at it's widest point. In addition, the tire wedges itself against the left & right sides of the well, so it can't fit all the way down. There's maybe a 3/8" gap under the tire.

So that explains why our load floor cannot lay flat. The car that BRGT350 drives must have either a smaller spare tire or a deeper storage well. The rest of us will need to either get a smaller tire, or to get out a sledge hammer and do some sheet metal re-forming. :happy:
OK, I see what you saying, except you mean that the load floor has to be pulled/wiggled towards the REAR of the car. That way, the front corners partially dis-engage from the locating slots and allow the rear of the shelf to drop down. I tried it on mine and it does work, along with the stupid gaps that you noted. Anything smaller than a grocery bag is going to drop down into there...
In a perfect world, putting everything into bags might solve the problem.
However, my world is imperfect, and tied bags come undone or rip, or any of a hundred other scenarios can happen. I like Blutos idea. Simple & cheap.
Now we only need to worry about that large grab hole in the floor. :)

Bluto, what size did you use? I have some made for 3/4 copper pipe, but it's not nearly large enough.
I don't think many people actually dislike the higher floor option, we're just sniveling about the shortcomings of the floor when it's in the lower position.
Ford has a cargo area protector made for the ST at:

But in their photo, I can't see the forward cargo floor supports so I have to assume that they're showing the upper position...
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