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Just got my ST yesterday! Couple things I noticed that I don't like (so far)

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After thinking I wouldn't be able to get an ST, I actually got one yesterday and it's the exact one I wanted! There's only a couple things that I have noticed that could have been a little better (so far lol)

The trunk is way smaller than my 2011 hatchback. For some reason, the piece you pull up to get to the spare tire is way too high up. I think it's really unnecessary. It's hard to explain what I'm talking about unless you see the 2 in comparison in person. My hatchback had 2 12 inch subs, I don't think you can even fit any in the ST because the height is so different.

The other thing is I don't like how the my ford touch is set up. I hate how it has the screen split into 4 sections, it just looks stupid. I looked at the display options and I don't think there is any way you can change it (does anyone know if you can?) At least you can put any picture as your wallpaper (as long as it's 800 x 350 or something like that)

My girlfriend has a Chevy Cruze, and I like the MyLink setup way better than My Touch. Here are some pics of how I wish My Touch looked.


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The new version is 3.6 and my ST did not deliver with it. I performed the update myself. One of the most obvious changes is the "help" screen that is displayed during voice commands. If you see a list of available voice commands while the system is waiting for your voice response then you have the update. If the display doesn't change, then you are still on the older software.
It is a function of the full size spare. The floor for the trunk is of the right area to cover the spare and seal up around the sides. Unless you take the spare out the floor really cannot be lowered with out taking out the spare.
Not true. I've lowered mine several times without taking out the spare. There is a bit of technique getting the floor to line up in the lower position, but once you figure that out it is actually pretty easy.
Pipe insulation works as a partial fix to keep stuff from sliding under the back seat, though it could still end up under the trunk floor...I need to find or make something else to fit between the floor and the seat when the floor is in the lower position like in the photo....

What a great idea. I know I am in the minority, but I really like the higher floor with the storage below. Very useful for my canvas grocery bags and my soft-sided dog crate.
I don't think many people actually dislike the higher floor option, we're just sniveling about the shortcomings of the floor when it's in the lower position.
Yea I get that. It's not up to the finished quality of the rest of the car when in the lower position with the BIG gap at the back.
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