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Just got my ST yesterday! Couple things I noticed that I don't like (so far)

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After thinking I wouldn't be able to get an ST, I actually got one yesterday and it's the exact one I wanted! There's only a couple things that I have noticed that could have been a little better (so far lol)

The trunk is way smaller than my 2011 hatchback. For some reason, the piece you pull up to get to the spare tire is way too high up. I think it's really unnecessary. It's hard to explain what I'm talking about unless you see the 2 in comparison in person. My hatchback had 2 12 inch subs, I don't think you can even fit any in the ST because the height is so different.

The other thing is I don't like how the my ford touch is set up. I hate how it has the screen split into 4 sections, it just looks stupid. I looked at the display options and I don't think there is any way you can change it (does anyone know if you can?) At least you can put any picture as your wallpaper (as long as it's 800 x 350 or something like that)

My girlfriend has a Chevy Cruze, and I like the MyLink setup way better than My Touch. Here are some pics of how I wish My Touch looked.


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Yep, as Stevelach said, it can be lowered without taking out the spare. I lowered mine hours after picking it up and only moved it to the higher position to do a video about how it works.

Fiesta ST Aircraft Carrier #fiestamovement
by Bryan Redeker BRGT350, on Flickr

This isn't the best picture, but I knew I could find it quickly. This is with the floor lowered about 5-6" from the upper position. The spare tire is in place and no modifications were made.
I was totally unable to get my load floor lower. The spare was too tall.

I wonder if something's changed?
I couldn't either until I realized you have to pull it towards you instead of trying to push it back towards the seats.
Aha! That was it.

That gap below the seats is hilarious, though.
Yeah, that's silly. I might have to make something to put back there.
OK, today I removed the spare tire and measured the depth of the spare tire well, and the width of the tire;

The wheel well (at the front area) is approx. 6 1/2 " deep (it's closer to 8" deep at the rear).
The 185/60R15 spare tire is nearly 8" wide at it's widest point. In addition, the tire wedges itself against the left & right sides of the well, so it can't fit all the way down. There's maybe a 3/8" gap under the tire.

So that explains why our load floor cannot lay flat. The car that BRGT350 drives must have either a smaller spare tire or a deeper storage well. The rest of us will need to either get a smaller tire, or to get out a sledge hammer and do some sheet metal re-forming. :happy:
It actually does fit, but you have to pull it forward rather than wedge it back against the seats. It leaves a rather amusing gap, but it is level.
OK, I see what you saying, except you mean that the load floor has to be pulled/wiggled towards the REAR of the car. That way, the front corners partially dis-engage from the locating slots and allow the rear of the shelf to drop down. I tried it on mine and it does work, along with the stupid gaps that you noted. Anything smaller than a grocery bag is going to drop down into there...
Yeah. By "forward" I meant toward myself. :)

I'm thinking of ways to jerry-rig a cover for the gap. We'll see.
With all that they got right with this car, I'm definitely scratching my head about the rear cargo area. Not sure what they were thinking.

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I believe I heard it was a money thing. They would have had to redesign and produce a unique cargo liner thanks to the full sized spare. Wasn't worth the investment, I guess.

The aftermarket should be able to handle it.
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