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Koni Yellow Sport Adjustables

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They have arrived in the USA and my set are on the way! Just in time for the Solo Nationals...
And the course maps are out. After spending two weekends up there and having 12 runs I think I am all prepped. Will still be smoked by FoSTs but it will be a great highly competitive T&T!

Thank you Koni NA!!
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Specific for the ST or just the regular Fiesta which could require some machining to get the fronts to fit?
My concern with the fronts is that I recall reading that the lower shock mounting points on the regular Fiesta were somehow different such that if you put them on a ST you'd gain camber which is clearly illegal. It would be great if someone could do some careful measurements.
The Koni NA site say that the fronts are ST-only. However they want $855 for a set. The Tire Rack does not have them yet. Is there another retailer who would have them for a good price?
Sorry, I've been trying to catch up at work. Mounted the Koni sports before Nats and did 4 T&T runs and the six in Lincoln. Spoke with Lee Grimes quite a bit. The Yellow Sports compression is less than OEM struts but are more balanced in rebound which we all knew was very unbalanced on OEM. They were designed this way, with him stating car mfgrs make compression stiffer to give us a "sporty" feel but sacrificing balance. The car was quite stable in transitions as opposed to tank slapping with OEM. It also was more predictable and felt balanced. The car still needs a stiffer sway bar which is my next move..
A stiffer bar at which end?
Agreed wrt the rear bar, it made my car handle funny without any perceptible benefit. BTW it's for sale :).
Where can I get the best price on a set?
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In the past I’ve been able to get substantial discounts (20-30%) off of Koni USA prices on shocks but for some reason I’ve been having trouble finding other vendors that carry our particular shocks. If anyone has found them elsewhere please let me know.
I assume you mean Stranoparts. I don't see the Fiesta ST listed on their web site but I'll give them a call and check, thanks!
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Oh yeah, I have been going to the Solo Nationals since 1991 so I am well familiar with Sam and Stranoparts.
Stranoparts can't get the Fiesta Konis yet. This matches what I've found elsewhere that it appears that Koni isn't distributing them yet.
Right but it appears that Koni hasn't put them in the catalog yet so they can't be ordered by retailers.
Yes but only from the Koni NA website, retailers like The Tire Rack and Stranoparts don't appear to be able to get them from Koni to resell. Generally retailers are able to beat the Koni online prices by a fair amount so I'd rather buy shocks from one of them if possible.
Sam just confirmed to me via email that he is able to get them, 8741-1565 L/R and 8040-1419
Cool, whomever I spoke to on the phone must have been misinformed.
Any updates from Koni? I would like to get something on my car before San Diego if possible.
There are fronts for the car, they just don't have the correct brackets for the ABS and mass dampeners.

I've not found the car nearly as frustrating as others have. Maybe it's my driving style or maybe it's because I left the setup alone and concentrated on learning the car but I was quite successful taking my first-ever NWR Pax class championship against some very tough competition. So don't give up on it, it's a great car!
Let me know if you think they are a big difference for competition. I am planning on getting a set but having to replace the street tires early have made it necessary to push that out a month or two.
Sam quoted me about $40 more than Race Consulting Agency, not $100 more. $573 + $20 shipping vs $552 with free shipping.
Received my Koni rears last week, it was an easy 2 hour install. I never intend to track or autox my car so for me the rebound is a bit to harsh. I set them to the full soft position and now I have a tolerable commute. Well pleased with this mod !
I'm doing mine this weekend. Are there any special tricks I should know about the install? Did you have to align the car afterwards?

What do you mean by saying that the springs do not fit perfectly? Is there a difference in the lower spring perch? If this is the case the shocks would be illegal per SCCA rules. I've been through this before with Koni and I managed to get them royally ticked off when I pointed the issue out to them and they had to redesign the shocks.

BTW moving the brake reservoir is not legal either, you are going to have to come up with a solution that does not relocate it.

Any other installation advice? I'm getting mine done Saturday afternoon.
The perch height has to be correct, yes. In addition for spiral perches like the current Miata the height has to be the same as stock all the way along the spiral, it is this aspect Koni got wrong on their NC shocks. I don't think the missing tab is an issue for the SCCA however if all other dimensions are correct.
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