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Koni Yellow Sport Adjustables

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They have arrived in the USA and my set are on the way! Just in time for the Solo Nationals...
And the course maps are out. After spending two weekends up there and having 12 runs I think I am all prepped. Will still be smoked by FoSTs but it will be a great highly competitive T&T!

Thank you Koni NA!!
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Not ST specific, but no machining needed. My understanding is that the rears are a direct swap, and that the fronts don't have the mass damper and will need a zip tie to secure the brake line because the bracket is different.
If you're had success with a vendor in the past, just give them a call and ask. They may not have our shocks listed on their website, but they should be able to offer them with their discount.
FYI, I spoke with Koni today and they are working on a fitment specifically for the front of the FiST

I had planned to order the fronts but after talking to Koni, plan to wait for the specific fitment.

The best price I could find was from Race Consulting Agency. The complete set is listed at $627.00. The rears are out of stock but I am not in a hurry. I ended up ordering rears for my FoST and the rears for the FiST and the online price was $565. I called them as I wanted them shipped to my work and Terry knocked another $15 off for a total of $550.00.

I am not affiliated with the vendor in any way and have never ordered from them but these seem like great prices and the customer service was much better than when I called elsewhere to verify pricing.

EDIT: Terry sent me an email already and said Koni has the FiST shocks in stock so I should recieve them within 2-3 weeks.
Wait a minute, did you jump ship from the FoST?
Well, welcome to the club!
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Ed, forgot to tell you I put a Corksport 22mm bar on, too. Transitions felt terrific, but of course until I get some dry runs it's all just wishful thinking.
Front sway bar? Keep us posted.
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